The Brewery

Welcome to Mira brewery, home to the famous two-headed chimera and curiosity cabinet of the Arcachon Bay. Here you will learn about our history (which is fascinating, to say the least), our ideas (only brilliant ones), and our projects (countless of course). You will then have a look at our beers and experience the very essence of Mira: a natural beer, representing the region’s atmosphere and its creators’ imagination.

Enjoy the Mira-cle!



Here is our humble collection of curiosities. Lagers, white beers, pale ales, are brought together in order to offer zythophilesthis is not an insult! – from all over the world our best selection.


For Valentine’s, Mira has concocted the most delicious of its mysterious potions: a pomegranate-flavoured beer, with the extra kiss of red berries. A genuine love philter inspired by the most famous alchemists, this drink is fresh enough to create a Big Bang in your mouth and in your partner’s heart. It is the taste of happiness made for two.

So, will you beer my Valentine?

Love Philter 5,2% 330mL

History of MIRA brewery

Welcome to our lair

One day, while they were travelling together through caribous in Northern Canada, Jacques and Aurélien decided to start a project together. They had two different possibilities. The first one was to make the most of their musical talents, write an interplanetary hit and get lost in the star system. The other one was to open a micro-brewery back home, in the Arcachon Bay. Then they could reinvent beer and sip some pints in the comfort of their own pub. The charts being occupied by people of unquestionable musical genius – we won’t give names as we don’t kiss and tell – our two young businessmen chose to return to their home region to take full advantage of the local resources.

That is how MIRA brewery came to life in 2015 in La Teste-de-Buch. Its name comes from the Latin mirabilia, meaning “a marvel.” And that’s it, eh?

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The Brewery