Our Curious collection

Here is our humble collection of curiosities. Lagers, white beers, and pale ales, are brought together to offer our best selection to zythophiles with a passion to match our own.

Lager mira

This is a light lager brewed with sweat on our brows – as said before, we do everything ourselves! – and the perfect blend of hops and barley.
The mysterious recipe is preciously guarded by its creators – and by a two-headed beast, yes, the one on the bottle – and will reveal floral notes and a unique flavour from the very first sips. Catch it on the hop!

Designed for lager lovers and pilsner beginners.

Cold and floral 5,2% 330mL

white mira

For their white beer, our malter-brewers gave the best of themselves by adding wheat malt and raw oat grains among other ingredients in this secret recipe. They then worked patiently and meticulously to get the perfect balance of fruity and spicy flavours. A pinch of yeast and… shhh! Curiosity can kill the cat! Just relax and enjoy this nice summer taste.

It’s beer o’ clock somewhere!

Light and fruity 5,6% 330mL

Amber Mira

Curious about a new beer? Let us introduce Mira pale ale and its surprising caramelized taste. This beverage is as sweet and generous as Shakesbeer’s, oops, Shakespeare’s Mira-nda with her Mira-culous bubbles and her Mira-belle-coloured envelope. Stop it! Take your time and enjoy this candy-like potion that will raise the most famous question of beer history:

To beer, or not to beer: that is the question.”

Sweet and generous 5,6% 330mL

Fruity Mira

Hoist the colours! Here’s our grenadine-flavoured beer, concocted exclusively at Mira’s for the discerning taste bud. A Carribean delight, the sweetness of an exotic fruit, a foretaste of a sunny holiday… all in one bottle, hoppy and malty, ready to sail the seven seas.

Let’s go! You were born to beer wild!


Mira Organic Lager

Hear ye, hear ye, the very first organic beer from Mira has arrived! Its rounded flavour and lovely spring dress will bring happiness to thrill seekers. However, be wary of this tenacious character! The two-headed chimera is not there for fun, but to offer you the authentic taste of a real organic, top-fermented beer.

It’s time to go green!

rounded and authentic 5,8% 330mL

Christmas Mira

Attention please, this is a limited edition! Mira is offering its Christmas beer, a present from the two-headed chimera for the holiday season. Hiding behind the Dune of Pilat, the beast prepared this magic beverage with cinnamon and orange peels, wishing to echo the unmistakable flavour of the festive season – for you cannot celebrate anything without a little spice, especially at Christmas time! The gingerbread flavour will take you back to childhood, the head is generous and white as winter snow (well, if you can find enough to go skiing this year).

Happy beersday baby Jesus!



For Valentine’s Day, Mira has concocted the most delicious of its mysterious potions: a pomegranate-flavoured beer, with the extra kiss of red berries.
A genuine love philter inspired by the most talented alchemists, this drink is fresh enough to create a Big Bang to your palate as well as  your partner’s heart. It is the taste of happiness made for two.

So, will you beer my valentine?

Love philter 5,2% 330mL

SAINT PATRICK’S special beer

Never short of new ideas, the malter-brewers have given the green light to Mira’s Saint Patrick’s edition. This organic beer that was brewed to the sound of the Celtic harp will please pale ale and lager alike lovers with its marvellous combination of hops and barley. It is time to realize you have green fingers! If you find a shamrock on the bottle, it might bring luck to you…

Designed for both spring chickens and old codgers.

Celtic beer 5,8% 330mL

We know, we know, 
you want some more.

Beer lovers, be patient! Our crafty crew will launch many other beers very soon, and we’re sure you’ll be more than curious to try them.