The production

The two-headed chimera’s lair

Welcome to the two-headed chimera’s lair. In La Teste-de-Buch, at the heart of the Arcachon land, this cave is home to every Mira manufacturing secret as well as a very nice place dedicated to tasting and enjoying.

The production site covers 1000m2. It is the place where your favourite Mira is dosed out, concocted, brewed and pampered, under the hopper-brewers watchful eyes. The beer is then bottled and labelled on site, before setting sail to new horizons.

Right next to this, you’ll find the whole world of curiosities created by Jacques and Aurélien in order to sublimate their beer and let their musical inspiration run free.

The spring water

One of Mira’s specificity is the quality of the spring water, which is almost as old as the two-headed chimera! Indeed, – hardly – 22000 years ago, this water ran through the soils of the Arcachon Bay and formed an underground reservoir. Today, thanks to our highly resourceful malter-brewers, this water is mira-culously used to brew our Mira!

I want to learn more about the spring water !