Our story

Welcome to our lair

It is now time to learn a bit more about the Mira brewery, one of the seven wonders of the beer world! From Canadian caribous to the occult atmosphere of the Landes forest, you will discover everything – or at least what is possible to reveal – about the creation of Mira brewery.

Come and meet our malt-brewers, and familiarize yourself with our brewery, a place without doubt you will want to visit again very soon.

History of Mira Brewery

One day, while they were travelling together through caribous in Northern Canada, Jacques and Aurélien decided to start a project together. They had two different possibilities. The first one was to make the most of their musical talents, write an interplanetary hit and get lost in the star system. The other one was to open a micro-brewery back home, in the Arcachon Bay. Then they could reinvent beer and sip some pints in the comfort of their own pub. The charts being occupied by people of unquestionable musical genius – we won’t give names as we don’t kiss and tell – our two young businessmen chose to return to their home region to take full advantage of the local resources.

That is how MIRA brewery came to life in 2015 in La Teste-de-Buch. Its name comes from the Latin mirabilia, meaning “a marvel.” And that’s exactly what it is ! 

Cabinet of curiosities

Yes, it is! It is a marvel because the poetic world of Mira is inspired by the cabinets of curiosities or “wonder rooms” of the past centuries. Just as these prototypes of our museums today were created to pass a taste for art and exploration down to the awestricken visitors,  Jacques and Aurélien want to share their passion for hops with you. With this in mind, Mira chose the chimera, a two-headed mythical creature, as an emblem to be the mystical guardian of their brewery. In the Middle Ages, the chimera was a symbol of temptation and unattainable desires… well, not unattainable for Jacques and Aurélien whose objective from the start was to create an authentic and local product.

After climbing up the Dune of Pilat several times and spending some time splashing around in the Arcachon Bay, they created an unfiltered, unpasteurized beer, that was formulated only with top quality products – malts, hops, yeasts, aromatic plants, spices, and its creators’ bodies, minds and souls. This beer was inspired by the Bay and has a taste of its homeland! Mira beer is an ensemble of all curiosities of the Arcachon Bay, brewed and pulled together by the physical endeavours of our intrepid explorers. They really make every effort to create unique and varied recipes, but the rest will remain as mysterious as a family secret…

And so we say, ” Here’s to your good health! ” (And to ours as well…)