Jacques & Aurélien

The malter-brewers

Jacques and Aurélien are both entrepreneurs from the Arcachon Bay, the haven of their heart. They are both musicians as well – one of them plays the guitar, and the other the drums. No longer content with playing in their parents’ garage, they desired to follow their inspiration. That is why one day  -come ale or high water- !- they decided to found their own beerocracy and create a convivial and unifying  selection of high quality beers. – in their own image. Alright, true, God created man in his own image, and things did not really end well, but it is different here. For their baptism of beerour modern explorers allow their dynamism, their ingenuity and especially their imagination to speak for themselves. In tune and in unison, if you please !

The hopper-brewers

To go with them on their quest of the absolute beer, our nice creators chose a 100% local team.

The country’s children Thomas and Vincent perform a careful preparation of their favourite concoction, but they’re also there to protect their trade secrets.

The Master Brewer

They brew in perfect harmony under Germain’s orders, also known as Germinator, who’s a musician as well as an œnologist – he knows all about taste ! He is the Serene Master Brewer of the place. A former sound technician, he likes to set the tone and have his team fall into line.

He waves his magic baton and… AbracaMira ! Taste for yourself !