The Mira Pub

The restaurant

First of all, where would you enjoy a decent beer? Well… at your local pub, of course! The pub will serve the whole Mira range as well as a large selection of liquors and cocktails. Thanks to the new chef, you will enjoy a number of delicious dishes full of fresh products. The pub is also home to a lot of events: stand-up comedy, concerts…


Open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 0pm. Closed on Sundays. Come and enjoy some food at Mira’s, with meals from €15.90 for lunch (starter + main or main + dessert) and all kinds of tapas for dinner. You will also taste our curious signature dishes, prepared with Mira beer!

Sweet food is served in the afternoon.

Menu Mira

Fresh and organic products

Every dish is homemade with fresh and local products and varies every day. They are prepared by Valentin Deveaux, our young cook and pastry chef, a « Compagnon du Devoir » (a French organization of craftsmen and artisans), who has worked in star restaurants before joining Mira.