notre légende
The Mira Legend


And so man created Mira

One evening during the third millennium (sometime after teatime and just before dinner...) the Fons Miriabilia sprung to life for the very first time. This "fountain of miracles" came from two sources: a borehole drawing on the groundwaters situated 250 metres beneath the Arcachon Bay area, and a pair of beer fanatics sharing a common dream.

The combination of this unlimited flow of natural spring water with boundless quantities of enthusiasm and creativity resulted in litres and litres of beer being produced. Jacques et Aurélien - our two heroes - resolved to tame their creation, giving it a name, MIRA, and an appearance - a two-headed chimera.

Malted pilgrimmages

Once it had been given an identity, the two-headed creature went from strength to strength. New ideas and concepts frothed and fermented in the tanks, and nothing could hold them back. Revolutionary recipes, whims, follies and even new techniques poured out, and little by little the chimera's lair transformed into a veritable curiosity cabinet.

When the sweet sound of the gurgling tanks began to drown out the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Jacques and Aurélien realised they had something far too powerful to keep to themselves. Since the energy of the Fons Miriabilia was impossible to control, there was only one solution: share it! From that day on, inquisitive souls from all over the World make a pilgimmage to Mira, and take away some of this boundless creativity (and plenty of beer).

What is Mira?

A veritable curiosity cabinet

The genie is in the bottle (but it's elsewhere too)

Mira is also a place where great ideas are give space to ferment too! Mira's lair is constantly bubbling away with innovation, like a modern-day curiosity cabinet that exposes rare and unique works.
The venue has rapidly developed into a hive of activity and a magnet for good taste, attracting musicians, painters, street artists, visual artists, sculptors and even dancers. The countless concerts, exhibitions and collaborations have woken the creative genius that was lying dormant in our bottles. Come to Mira and you'll find something stimulating for your eyes, your ears, and of course your tastebuds.
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The Mira team

The boys & girls behind the Mira experience

  • The pioneers

    • Jacques Bellec, co-founder
    • Aurélien Rey, co-founder
  • Behind the tanks

    • Germain, master brewer
    • Tiphaine, operator
  • They make the place tick

    • Thomas, purchasing and logistics manager
    • Anabelle, management assistant
  • Number-cruncher

    • Alicia, accountant
  • Behind the turntables

    • Adrien, entertainments manager / booker
  • Mira's impressario

    • Lucile, communications and marketing manager
  • Spreaders of good news

    • Romain, bars, hotels & restaurants
    • Johan, supermarket distribution
    • Armelle, supermarket distribution

Join us!

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Stills, atypical and botanical beers: up to 12,121,212 bottles per year come out of our crazy laboratory!