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Our Brewery

1,000m² of brewing heaven!

To ensure that none of the marvellous properties of our beverages are lost, we make everything ourselves on site, from start to finish.
From grain crushing to must fermentation and of course the chilling process, our master brewers work their magic perched high up on the 16 tanks installed in our spacious brewery.
Everything is done in-house, but that doesn't stop us having big ambitions: thanks to our 1,000 m² of brewery space, we have an annual brewing capacity of 10,000 hectolitres (that works out at a massive 12,121,212 33cl bottles per year!).

This is also the place where our craziest ideas are allowed to ferment: from plant maceration to beer jelly production and distillation in atypical stills... who dares brews!

We see our projects right through to the very end products, which includes bottling and labelling on site. After that, it's up to you to write the rest of the story: enjoy our products at home, or take them with you on your travels!
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We (almost) reveal our recipe

Les Fûts

The choice of raw materials

The choice of quality raw materials is the guarantee of a tasty beer, which is why our master brewer makes a precise selection, respecting demanding specifications. There is then the 22,500-year-old spring water drawn from under the Brewery, the choice of malt, hops, yeasts and the various spices and ingredients that enhance our products.

Les Stands

The Brewing

Brewing can then begin, with many successive steps such as crushing where the malt grains are processed, boiling where a mixture of malt and water is heated and then completed by the addition of hops and spices and finally fermentation, where yeasts intervene which transform the starch in cereals into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Les Tanks

The guard

Finally, Keeping corresponds to the maturation mixture obtained previously, that is to say the time that the beer is kept in the tanks. This allows the yeasts to continue their actions and enrich the beer with carbon dioxide. This stage takes place over several weeks.

Les Tanks

Packaging, storage:

Once the beer is ready, comes the packaging which takes place in different forms at Mira: bottles, barrels and mobile tanks. This is followed by the storage of the products in a dry place away from light to ensure good conservation.
Our beers are then sent to all our retailers: supermarkets, wine merchants, restaurants, bars and grocery stores fine and then just waiting for you to be tasted!

A Mira‑culous source

Our beverages are as pure as natural spring water. The proof? Well, they are composed of 82% water from the Fons Mirabilia, a natural spring which has been flowing for 22,500 years (give or take a year or two), at a depth of 300 metres underground, beneath the Arcachon Bay area. In 2017, we drilled a borehole just a few metres from the brewery site, finally allowing the spring to release its huge hidden potential (we have a flair for finding major talent!).

Filtered through 37 natural soil layers, Mira natural spring water is completely free of pesticides, chlorine and nitrates. As we're pretty generous folk here at Mira, we've created a whole range of beverages, meaning you can enjoy the spring water in our beers, natural sodas and Gin.You don't have to just drink water anymore!

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