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Kendo Rimshot blonde

Light and refreshing

Smells like beer spirit! Un retour malté et onctueux vers les premières cymbales de votre adolescence ! Aujourd’hui, vous ne portez peut-être plus de jeans troués, mais vous apprécierez toujours la fraîcheur d’une bière bien cadencée.

  • natural spring water
  • barley malt (with gluten)
  • hops
  • yeast
  • A lager with delicious honey and grain flavours
  • A bottom-fermenting yeast is used, producing a particularly light beer.
  • Rimshot is a highly refreshing beer, thanks to it's floral notes that blossom in the mouth.
  • Lager is the perfect companion to white meats or seafood dishes, such as mussels and fries. It can also be served with hard cheeses such as Comté.
  • 4°C
  • COLOUR EBC : 8-10
  • BITTERNESS EBU : 10-12
  • OPACITY NTU : 30-40
  • ARGENT 2019 - France Bière Challenge
  • ARGENT 2019 - Concours Général Agricole
  • OR FRANCE 2018 - World Beer Award
Beer made with natural spring water

Pumped directly from a bore hole on site, the spring water contains 0 pesticides and 0 nitrates. It’s been 100% pure for the past 22,500 years!

Produced locally

All of our beers are produced at La Teste de Buch in France, using locally sourced ingredients.

Available everywhere

Our products are sold in supermarkets, wine & spirits retailers, delicatessen shops and the Mira boutique.