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London Gin Mira

Rich and powerful

Pictogramme Gin
  • grain alcohol
  • juniper berries
  • Combava
  • Coriander
  • Pine buds
  • Kampot pepper
  • Mira Gin features gentle, generous and complex flavours, combining freshness and woody undergrowth notes.
  • A rich and powerful taste, that still remains highly accessible.
  • Distinctly-flavoured foods such as smoked salmon, lamb, or even dark chocolate.
  • Chilled

Once the distillate has been produced, we undertake a process reducing it from 81.8° to 45° using our remarkably high quality natural spring water.


Distilled in a Stupfler brand alembic.


Our gin mixes perfectly with our Mira tonic.

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MIRA x SteevenSalvat

A collaboration 20,000 leagues under the gin

Steeven Salvat is a French artist specialising in drawing, giving a whole new perspective to ancient etchings in black and white. Having developed an illustrative technique combining Indian ink and the Rotring pen, he painstakingly traces the numerous curves of each of his drawings. For the Mira Gin project, he worked with the Studio Ouam team to create a mysterious humpback whale which reveals itself as the bottle gradually empties. Prepare to dive!

Great collab'

Delicate distillates for a unique drink

Deep-sea diver Augustus has some seriously nimble fingers hidden under his diving suit! He has been working wonders with the top-quality stills, handed down over three generations, to distill the ingredients of a Gin that's come straight from the depths of the ocean. He has a particularly refined "nose" for detail: delicately balancing the wheat alcohol, plant ingredients and spices, and plunging them into his natural spring water-based magic potion. Cheers!

As you consume the gin, you discover the delicacy of the design of the humpback whale

Gin & Tonic 100% MIRA

Guess what? Our Tonic has been specially developed to blend perfectly with the unique characteristics of this London Gin. Invite yourself to the party where two beautiful souls come together to form one perfect couple. It's a match made in heaven! Why not bring your friends along too? After all, you don't run into such a perfect duo every day!