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Bio sans gluten

Soft and balanced

No fuss, no frivolity and no gluten, this nectar is completely naked underneath its blonde gown. What's more, it has a perfectly balanced and naturally fruity personality. Don't be afraid of its spectacular carnivorous apperarance, you're the one who'll be doing the devouring!

  • Natural spring water
  • barley malt
  • hops
  • yeast
  • A lager with a malty taste balanced by gentle fruity flavours.
  • Enzymes are added during the brewing process to enable the removal of the gluten.
  • Gentle and well-balanced in the mouth. Perfect.
  • Gluten-free lager is the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of meat and fish. Why not try it with mixed salads or fruit-based desserts too?
  • 6°C
  • COLOUR EBC : 15-18
  • BITTERNESS EBU : 12-14
  • OPACITY NTU : 80-120
Beer made with natural spring water

Pumped directly from a bore hole on site, the spring water contains 0 pesticides and 0 nitrates. It’s been 100% pure for the past 22 500 years!

Produced locally

All of our beers are produced at La Teste de Buch in France, using locally sourced ingredients.

Available everywhere

Our products are sold in supermarkets, wine & spirits retailers, delicatessen shops and the Mira boutique.

Our Brewery

Alembics, uniquely flavoured and floral beers: our laboratory produces up to 12121212 bottles per year!