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Old English Style


This Old English captures the fervour of the eagles inside the bottle: a perfect balance between the amber, hoppy flavours of an English IPA from the 18th century, and the leafy, resinous and woody tones of the wild. A hot-blooded beer!

  • Natural spring water
  • barley malt
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • This lightly amber-coloured and intensely hoppy IPA reveals a certain bitterness. It has woody notes in the nose.
  • English-style single-stage mash using purely English hops. Cubes of oak are added at the end of the fermentation process, recalling the woody flavours of the barrels used to transport the beer on the long sea voyages of the 18th century.
  • A rich and full beer, perfect for drinkers searching for an authentic flavour.
  • Perfect with simmered dishes and spicy foods such as Indian cuisine, especially meals with sauces such as lamb curry, chicken tikka masala or lentil dhal. Also ideal with strong cheeses.
  • 8°C
  • COLOUR EBC : 17
  • OPACITY NTU : 90-110
Beer made with natural spring water

Pumped directly from a bore hole on site, the spring water contains 0 pesticides and 0 nitrates. It’s been 100% pure for the past 22 500 years!

Produced locally

All of our beers are produced at La Teste de Buch in France, using locally sourced ingredients.

Available everywhere

Our products are sold in supermarkets, wine & spirits retailers, delicatessen shops and the Mira boutique.

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Tasting recommendations

Shy beers beware! These delicious beers need to be served at the correct temperature in order to reveal the fullness of their flavours. Each beer has its own preferences: the American Style IPA requires a serving temperature of 6°C. Each beer is best served in its own tasting environment: the first should be sipped like a classy cocktail, while the second should be appreciated like a fine old whiskey. Feeling peckish? Don’t worry, it’s easy to match these beers with your favourite foods. Beginners should stick with simplicity, picking dishes that match the beers themselves. For the Old English, make the most of its leafy aromas by matching it with simmered and spicy dishes. Better still, go the whole hog with the Indian theme by cooking up a lamb curry, pork vindaloo, chicken tikka masala or a lentil dhal!

That’s enough talking, let’s have a drink!

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